Hedgehogs Videos

Gail Introduction

Sam Introduction

What to Consider Before Handling

Emotion Detection

Motion Detection

Handling Tips and Instructions

Picking Up From The Ground

Picking Up From The Cage

Breeder Identification

Sam Picking Up From The Cage


Will My Hedgehog Be This Friendly When We Get Home?

Is it Possible to Hold My Hedgehog Too Much?

Other ways to bond with my hedgehog

Differences Between a Boy and a Girl?

What Should I Expect When I get My Hedgehog Home?


Setting Up Food and Water

Huffing & Puffing

Does My Hedgehog Need Toys?

How often Should I clean the Cage?

Litter Pan

Hiding Treats in Litter Pan

What Do I Feed My Hedgehog?

Elimination Habits

Food Continued

Spike's Delight - A Good Hedgehog Food

Other Examples of Good Treats

How Much Food and How Often?


Drying & Cuddling

Toenail Trimming

Dry Skin

Dry Skin & Mites

Products to Fight Mites

Signs of Good Health

Cleaning the Male

Check For Strings and Hairs

Keeping Your Hedgehog Warm

Prevent Hedgehogs From Getting Cold

Hedgehog Cages

Food Dishes

Other Accessories

Adding Heat to the Cage

Water Bottles

Hedgehogs Can Climb

The Comfort Wheel

Using a Custom Wheel

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