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Please enjoy this information based on our experience, but we no longer breed the animals below, or have any contacts for them.


Dormice have been called "micro squirrels" for their striking resemblance to squirrels. They are extremely fast and can climb and jump with amazing abilities. MORE...

sugar gliders

The bushy tailed jird is a treat to watch with its cute and comical antics. They are quite gentle with a personality similar to a gia nt, jumping gerbil. MORE...

mouse opossums

These adorable little opossums are the size of an adult mouse. Their gentle nature makes them easy to handle for both experienced and novice exotic pet owners. MORE..

short taill

Short Tail Opossums are Brazilian marsupials that do not have a pouch. They are slightly larger than a Syrian hamster and have similar cage requirements. MORE...


The curious coruro's large front teeth remind one of a mini beaver. They are about the size of a hamster with a short furred tail. MORE..


Adult degus are the size of a young guinea pig. They are very social animals that communicate with a variety of chirps and whistles to other degus and their human caretakers. MORE...

pygmy mice

Pygmy Mice get their name from their very small size. This pregnant, adult female is pictured next to a quarter. MORE..

zebra mice

Zebra Mice are very active, low maintenance, and odor free. They are a beautiful blend of colors with 15-17 wheat colored stripes. MORE...


Duprasis most distinguishing feature is their club-like tail. Their tail is used to store food and water similar to a camel's hump. They are easy to care for and have a diet similar to their gerbil cousins. MORE..

Richardson's Ground Squirrel

Richardson's Ground Squirrels. MORE...


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