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Hedgehog plus FREE Bonding Kit
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Friday June 28th or Saturday June 29th

Place a deposit for Friday June 28th or Saturday June 29th and when you come for your appointment and purchase your hedgehog, you can pick out a FREE Flannel Bonding Bundle... it's a $45 value, which includes: Open Bonding (strapped) Bag, 2 liners, 1 tunnel and 1 sleeping bag.

Reserve your baby here: https://www.critterconnection.cc/availablehh.php

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MMF Barclay 
Available $185
Updated: 6/3/2019
MMF Kaiden 
Available $185
Updated: 6/3/2019
MMF Kage 
Available $185
Updated: 6/3/2019
MMF Tippen 
Available $185
Updated: 6/12/2019
MMF Baxley 
Available $215
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This gentleman would love go home with you.


Receive a $10 Discount when you purchase a Cage Package with your new Premium Plan Hedgehog.
And an additional
$5 Discount when paying Cash.

Updated: 6/15/2019
MMF Beverlee 
Available $200
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This girl is a character, fun and playful.

Updated: 6/12/2019

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