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We've selected items from a variety of sources that we believe give you the best quality for the best value. Many of these items are designed specifically for hedgehogs and cannot be found in the average retail pet store. A majority of our accessories can be found online but we hope that you will shop with us and save on shipping! We certainly appreciate your business.

Items can be purchased individually (a la cart) or as a package.

We offer only limited shipping of our dry good products.


Get one small SCRAP SAMPLE (2 inch) of our ProFleece bedding WITH any online product order (.01cent) so you can check it out before purchasing the full size for your cage.


Cool Crock

Cool Crock is a critter crock specially designed for small animals. It's the perfect size dish to nourish your pet with nutritious food and delicious treats!

Easy to clean with warm water and soap

Made of durable plastic


colors vary, we will choose by availability

Ware Pet Bowl

Best Buy Bowl by Ware Small, Wide bottom non-tip style, easy clean plastic.


Assorted colors. We will choose from availability

Size Small 3.25" x 3.25" x 1.5"

Kaytee Potty Litter, 16-Ounce


Many of our customers have had great success using this Potty Litter!

  • Remember to spot clean the litter on a daily basis and completely change the litter every 7-10 days. 16 oz. box with convenient, resealable, easy pour bag.
Stoneware Crock Dish
Starting at $3.00

Stoneware Dishes are durable ceramic food and water bowls available in a variety of sizes for all critters. These absolutely chew proof dishes feature wide profiles that lend stability, pluse the heavy weight design makes these dishes tip resistant.Stoneware Dishes feature a hi-glaze finish that is dishwasher safe, lead free and super sanitary. Eliminate messes and promote healthy pets with Stoneware Dishes!

  • 3" $3.00
  • 4" $4.00
PawPrint Crock

Made of durable chew proof ceramic

Available in assorted colors, we will choose from availability

Measures 3" diameter

For hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils or other small animals

Easy to clean

Marchioro Corner Litter Pan


It's triangular shape makes it perfect for fitting in the corner of cage.  Easy to clean.




Marchioro Siwa Rem Bottle

The Siwa Rem No-Drip Water Bottle is easy to fill from the top, without removing from your pet's cage. A special "propeller"-style clip makes this bottle easy to connect to most wire cages, and the no-drip dispenser ensures minimal waste and no leakage.

  • No-drip water bottle for small pets
  • Easy to fill from top
  • Connects to most wire cages
Super Pet Igloo Hide-Out, Large, Colors May Vary


Hedgehogs need a dark place to sleep where they feel hidden and secure. We believe this feeling of safety and security is important for their well being. Igloos also work especially well as a burrowing and sleeping space when a sleeping bag is placed inside their igloo. This makes an especially snugly and warm hideout.

Safari Sleeper
  • Safe "foam free" materials
  • Easily fits inside any cage, carrier or critter home
  • Durable materials withstand multiple washings
  • Washable for pet's health and comfort

Perfect for Hedgeogs, Guinea pigs, Pet Rats and other small critters.


Zebra Cheetah.
Ware 12 Flying Saucer Small Pet Exercise Wheel, Large, 12-Inch, Colors May Vary


The Flying Saucer has a solid surface which is toe and foot safe.  It has a quiet acetyl plastic hub which gives it super quiet motion.  This wheel is great for small or aged hedgehogs as the walking surface is close to the cage floor.  This wheel may not be the best for large hedgehogs.

Hidey Hut

Cozy hidey hut for your hedgehog to retreat to.  Cotton outer fabric and soft velour fabric underneath.


Tiny Skulls Sugar Skulls Footballs Love Colored Dots UK Flag Pink-Green-Blue Hedgies Green-Orange-Blue Hedgies
Super Pet Giant Comfort Exercise Wheel, Colors Vary


This wheel is a favorite for many hedgehogs. It offers easy cleaning for you and easy access for your hedgehog. This wheel accommodates medium to large size hedgehogs and can be mounted on the side of the cage.

Super Pet Giant Run-About Exercise Ball


Provide larger pets with the freedom to exercise. Bigger pets can now enjoy the world around them inside these colorful, oversized exercise balls. It’s an excellent source of exercise for pet rats and chinchillas, plus its a fun roly-poly toy for ferrets and a neat pet carrier for guinea pigs. The Giant Run-About Ball also fits perfectly onto Super Pet's Hamtrac Raceway for the safest and most controlled exercise environment.

  • Encourage healthy exercise in a secure and safe way.
  • Makes a great temporary holding area to keep your furry friend while you clean their home.
  • 11.5" diameter ball is ideal for pet rats, guinea pigs, chinchillas or other small animals
  • Fits perfectly with the Hamtrac Raceway for controlled exercise
ProFleece Bedding
Starting at $22.00

Cut at approx 18x30 to fit our "Home" cage.   $22 ea 
Cut at approx 19x38 to fit our "Mansion" cage.   $24 ea 

Cut at approx 21x45 to fit our "Palace" cage.   $26 ea 

  • ProFleece is possibly the best fabric type bedding available for pets!
  • It has been used by veterinarians for decades and is becoming very popular in the pet industry.
  • It is made of 100% polyester which is:
    • Non-irritating
    • Non-allergic
    • Does not support bacterial growth
    • Stain resistant
    • Dries fast after washing or accidents
  • The pile aides heat retention while still allowing air to circulate.
  • With proper washing/drying care this bedding can last years which helps to save both money and the environment.
  • Marchioro Tommy 82 18"x30" $22.00
  • Marchioro Tommy 102 19"x38" $24.00
  • Marchioro Tommy 120 21"x45" $26.00
Black Camo Mint/White Paws Pink/White Paws Lilac/White Paws Magnolia w/Chocolate Paws Blue Camo Gray w/Black Paws
Silent Spinner Wheel


Silent Spinner wheels are a wonderful, whisper quiet workout wheel for Hedgehogs. Patented ball bearing technology makes these wheels super silent. Silent Spinners work two ways: free standing or attach directly to any wire cage. High quality plastic funning surface is safe and comfortable for their feet.

Assorted Colors. 


Blue Neon Green Purple Red

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