We would love to meet you at a show but please sign up for our show email to confirm that we will be attending the show and what animals will be available. In the past we were able to attend every show faithfully but due to family obligations and a more limited number of animals we are able to attend fewer shows.

If you are considering purchasing an exotic animal but have never seen a particular animal in person the shows are a great place to meet us and check out our animals. We like to educate people about our animals and we certainly want every serious customer to have their questions are answered. We want you to learn enough about the animal in order to make an educated decision about your purchase. We typically do not let individuals handle many of the animals at the shows because it is simply too stressful on the animal. The animals are in a new environment and in a strange setting so we want to minimize the stress for the animal before they go to their new home.

Are you considering purchasing a hedgehog at one of the shows? Many of our repeat customers or experienced owners choose to meet us at the shows because the shows are very convenient. If you are a first time hedgehog owner we would like to make you aware of some of the pros and cons of picking up these animals at the show. The biggest advantage to picking up animals at the show is convenience in location and show dates as well as the opportunity to see the show itself.

The biggest disadvantage of picking up animals at the show is that the shows are very stressful. Many of our animals do very well traveling and we have no problem selling them to individuals at the show. However, we prefer to sell hedgehog babies to first time owners here at Millermeade Farms.

The time of transitioning a baby from our home to its new home is always a very stressful time for the baby glider or hedgehog. When the babies are picked up at a show, new sights, sounds, and smells surround them, which can be very frightening for them. Prospective owners at the show handle the animals and that further upset them so you may not be seeing their true personality at the show.

We do our best to educate and meet our customers’ needs at the shows but many times the show environment is hectic and busy. Sometimes we are forced to help several customers at one time and we feel badly that we can’t give everyone our full attention. We can give you much more individualized attention and spend plenty of time showing you how to handle your new pet if you meet us at Millermeade Farms. We believe the time we spend showing you how to handle and respond to your new pet is worth the extra time it takes to drive to our home. We know that if you are educated and comfortable with your pet you will have a much better ownership experience.

We know that many of our customers drive great distances to purchase our animals and we want to give you the best service possible.

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