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Ultra Regular Hedgehog Happiness Combo
Introducing the Ultra Regular Hedgehog Happiness Combo!

Spike's Ultra Regular Hedgehog Food - Specially crafted for the health and happiness of your spiky friend, packed with essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

Stress Less - Keep your hedgehog calm and content with our specially formulated stress relief supplement, ensuring they stay relaxed and happy. This is the go-to solution for hedgehogs that may experience a loss of appetite, as it offers the nourishment they need to thrive.

Wigglers & Berries Treats - Irresistible treats bursting with flavors your hedgehog will love, perfect for bonding and rewarding good behavior.

Variety Mix - A mix of surprises to keep things exciting for your pet, providing a diverse range of textures and tastes for a well-rounded diet.

6-Pack Mini Cups - Treat your hedgehog to endless entertainment.  Tested and adored by our own hedgehogs, these cups are a hit!  Similar to the concept of an empty toilet paper tube, but with the added benefit of being easy to clean and reuse.  

Randomly Chosen Rubber Ducky Toy - A fun surprise for both you and your hedgehog, adding a playful touch to their habitat and bringing joy to their day.

Treat your hedgehog to the best with this great combo, designed to bring joy and enhance their well-being! 
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