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Collapsible Playpen
  • Watch your pet play or climb in and play with them!
  • Transparent & Breathable
  • Surrounded by nets, you could watch your pets at all times, as well as ensure the ventilation of the playpen.
  • Automatic Opening
  • No need for complex splicing, built in frame, opened in seconds. Folds back flat when not in use for easy storing. When it is opened under spring pressure, it should be away from children and face.
  • Outdoor/ Indoor
  • The Pet Exercise Fence is easy to carry, and you don't need to carry a huge cage when you take your pet out. 
  • (It may not be suitable for pets with jumping, climbing and biting habits).
  • Durable polyester fabric, easy to clean.
  • Suitable for Small animals pet playpen, suitable for hedgehogs, rabbits, guinea-pigs, gerbils, reptile or other small animals.
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