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Prickly Pet Parcel
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This a monthly subscription box that you can choose to do one time or prepay for a 6 month service, which is a 10% savings.  We do not automatically charge your card every month/or six months.  You will need to pay each month or each six months.  We will send you a renewal invoice if you are on the 6 month plan, but you are not obligated to continue.  Our Prickly Pet Parcel will always consist of a surprise sleeping sack, plus treats, toys, etc...  The cost is $29 per month, free shipping.  As long as you have paid by the 10th of the month, your package will go out that same month.  Spoil your little hedgie with their own mail every month.  

*Individual parcels may vary slightly 


  • Just One Month  $29.00
  • 6 Month Subscription (10% savings) $156.60
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