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EZ XL SIZED Roomy Sleeping Bag (w/Rim Stiffener)

XL SIZED for more turn around room and bigger hedgies.  Rim Stiffener to allow easier (EZ) access into bag.

approximately 14" long with a 9" wide opening

While most any size hedgehog will fit in this bag, we feel they are geared towards adult hedgehogs.  These will easily accommodate hedgehogs up to 800+ grams in size.

Our REVERSIBLE (DOUBLE LINED) fleece sleeping bags are warm and snugly and most hedgehogs enjoy them.  It is a good idea to have multiple bags because, more than likely, the hedgie bag will get dirty and need to be washed. Dirty bags may also become breeding grounds for bacteria. Some hedgehogs might prefer to sleep under or on the sleeping bags instead of inside but as long as the hedgehog is happy, the bag is a useful accessory. 

Great for other small pets as well... such as rats, ferrets, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc...

Remember to always check for loose threads or damaged fabric because a loose thread could easily wrap around a leg and cut off circulation.

CTN = Cotton, FLC = Fleece, FNL = Flannel, STR KNT = Stetchy Knit, SFT PL = Soft Plush
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