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Bonding Set with flannel liners

$45 VALUE!! Bonding Bundle Set  

The ultimate Bonding Bundle Set designed to pamper your prickly pal with luxurious coziness and style.

This comprehensive set includes an open bonding sack with a convenient carry strap, crafted from your choice of premium flannel, cotton, or fleece in a variety of delightful prints. The bundle also features two ultra-soft flannel liners for added comfort and easy cleaning, along with a charming tunnel and a snug sleeping bag—both available in the same high-quality materials and stylish prints.

Treat your hedgehog to the epitome of comfort and fashion with this all-inclusive Hedgehog Bonding Bundle Set!

please note:  the color of coordinating inner fabric and color/print of the flannel liners may vary from photo


CTN = Cotton, FLC = Fleece, FNL = Flannel, STR KNT = Stetchy Knit, SFT PL = Soft Plush
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