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ECO Bedding Natural
Providing a safe and clean environment for hedgehogs and other small pets. They need bedding that makes them comfortable and lets them thrive. Eco Bedding provides superior bedding and enrichment material for both small animals and birds. Since it’s made of paper, it is highly absorbent so you can even use Eco Bedding in crates or as puppy bedding. As much as we love our pets, we don’t always love the way their habitat smells. The triple-action odor control effectively helps eliminates odors, which keeps your home or store smelling fresh. Our bedding is also hypoallergenic, which makes it safe for pets and their owners that have allergies and asthma. Eco Bedding is a perfect choice for breeders as its nesting and enrichment qualities improves breeding performance, litter size, and viability. 

Net Wt. 1.5 lbs / 10 liters (expands to 30 liters)
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