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Regular Tunnel

Give your hedgehog the ultimate playtime or naptime experience with our reversible fabric tunnels.  This versatile tunnel is a great accessory for hedgehogs, rats, ferrets, chinchillas and guinea pigs, providing them with a cozy, interactive space to explore and hide.  The soft fabric offers a warm and snug environment, while the outer print adds variety and fun to your little one's habitat.  Whether they're burrowing, napping or just having a grand adventure this tunnel is a great addition to their play area.

Regular Tunnels have approximately a 4.5" opening at each end.

Our REVERSIBLE tunnels are warm and snuggly and most hedgehogs enjoy them.  

**please note... inside fabric color may vary from what is pictured**


Remember to always check for loose threads or damaged fabric because a loose thread could easily wrap around a leg and cut off circulation.

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CTN = Cotton, FLC = Fleece, FNL = Flannel, STR KNT = Stetchy Knit, SFT PL = Soft Plush
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