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Hog Pocket
Starting at $5.00

Each Hog Pocket contains a self warming reflective material snapped inside, using your hedgie's body heat to naturally warm the mat.


Add a 40 hour heat warmer (air activated after package is opened) for power outages or traveling.  Works great if power goes out in the cooler months or even in the summer time while in an air conditioned car or hotel room, place the hog pocket with warmer in their sleep sack.


Each Hog Pocket has a snap to hold in the reflective mat and UniHeat Warmer.


Our Hog Pocket can work as a digging mat to satisfy your hedgie's burrowing needs.


Purchase UniHeat Warmers separately or with your Hog Pocket... save $$ when purchasing together!


  • Hog Pocket ONLY $5.00
  • Hog Pocket PLUS (2) UniHeat Warmers $15.00
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