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Hedgie Bath Kit

Hedgehog Bath Kit, a special collection of grooming essentials to make bath time a more enjoyable occassion for your hedgehog. 

The Appliqué Bath Pocket Towel is the perfect accessory to keep your hedgehog warm and cozy after bath time.  This comfy bath pocket is designed to securely wrap around your hedgehog, keeping them snug and warm while drying them off after bath time.  We do recommend using a papertowel first to dab the excess moisture off of them before wrapping them up.   The soft absorbent fabric will help to ensure tht your hedgehog stays comfortable and warm, while making bath time a more enjoyable bonding experience.

The Hedgie bath kit includes the following:

* Appliqué Bath Pocket Towel (designs vary and will be chosen at random)

* NIKS Lavender-Oatmeal Bath Soaks (3 pack)

* Bath Soap (1.75 oz bottle)

* NIKS Skin Oil (4 oz bottle)

* Nail Trimmers (color/style chosen at random)

* Bath Brush (color/style chosen at random)



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