Hedgie List Breeder Reference: Breeders by State or Province

Hedgie List Breeders By State is a listing of Basic, Affiliate and Participating breeders in the United States (and Canada). The purpose of this list is to connect responsible breeders with responsible buyers. Hedgie List encourages potential buyers to research breeders before purchasing an animal and to choose the breeder they feel most comfortable supporting. We encourage responsible breeding through accurate pedigree tracking and herd management. Please CONTACT US if you know of anyone who should be added to this list or if a breeding status has changed.

The Rescue and Rehome List is a listing of individuals or groups that are NOT breeders and do not produce any of the animals that they are placing for adoption. Breeders that do rescues and rehoming of animals are listed as breeders. The Hedgehog Welfare Society (HWS) does an excellent job of assisting in rehoming animals in need. Rescue Facilities approved by HWS will include the initials HWS in their title.

Thank you to the following breeders who support Hedgie List Pedigree Resource in promoting ethical and accurate tracking of animals via pedigrees in a database registry.

Showing Active Breeders & Rescues
Located in All States & Provinces

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  • WCH
    • West Coast Hedgehogs
    • Corvallis, OR
    • USDA Licensed
  • A
  • WFHH
    • Wild for Hedgehogs
  • D
  • WWCF
    • Whippoorwill Creek Farm
    • Glen , MS
  • A
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