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The Herd Initial List (HIL) is a listing of Participating Breeders, Affiliate Breeders, Breeders No Longer Breeding (for reference purposes) and paid sponsors. The purpose of Hedgie List Pedigree Resource is to promote ethical and accurate tracking of animals via pedigrees in a database registry. This list is not a comprehensive list of all hedgehog breeders but only those who wish to participate on this site. A comprehensive list of all known breeders with herd initials is available to Hedgie List registered users.


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  • THHC
    • The Hedgehogs House
  • VHG
    • Victorino’s Hedgehog Garden
    • Edith Victorino
    • Tacoma, WA
    • Web: HedgehogGarden.net
    • USDA Licensed
  • WWCF
    • Whippoorwill Creek Farm
    • Glen , MS
  • YOOPa.k.a. SPB-CO-JE
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