About Hedgie List Breeder Reference

Hello and thank you for your interest in participating in the Pedigree Resource!


The purpose of the Hedgie List Pedigree Resource and Litter Registration (coming soon) is to help breeders and individuals keep true and accurate information for their animals. The goal is for breeders to work together to ensure that true and accurate information is shared between breeders and with customers. Litter Registration (coming soon) is a tool Participating Breeders can use to track animals they produce.

The Hedgie List Pedigree Resource is purely informational related to pedigrees only. Breeders can only access information regarding pedigrees associated with their herd initials found in the prefix or suffix of an animal’s name.

Both Participating and Affiliate members have a shared interest in the accuracy and integrity of their pedigrees. Members agree to verify animals they produce and sell as a mutual courtesy to other breeders.

Data entry mistakes can easily happen even to the most diligent record keepers. The purpose of the Pedigree Resource is not to criticize or ridicule breeders that have made errors. However, when a mistake is found regarding the sire or dam of an animal that changes a pedigree, members of the group all need to have the opportunity to correct the mistake in their pedigree program. Pedigree altering changes are announced in a members only Facebook Group.

Herd Initial List

The Herd Initial List (HIL) is a list of herd abbreviations used within the Hedgie List Pedigree Resource system and by other breeders. This list is a free public reference feature as well as a reference within Hedgie List Pedigree Resource. There is no cost associated with being added to the HIL and the public is welcome to contribute to or suggest edits to the Herd Initial List.

The Hedgie List Pedigree Resource Herd Initials List is currently not associated with the American Hedgehog Community Herd Initials Registry. Breeders are welcome to participate in both organizations.

Breeders are known to use three letter, four letter herd initials, or have changed from three to four letter herd initials. For the purpose of Hedgie List Pedigree Resource a breeder can choose to use either the established three-letter designation OR to change to a four-letter herd initial assignment. For example, if XY Hedgehogs has used the herd initials XYH for years and wishes to continue using the same XYH designation, XYH will be the herd initials assigned within Hedgie List Pedigree Resource. Should XYH choose to use a four-letter designation of XYHH the change will be made within the system for free one time. Should XYHH choose to revert back to XYH a $100.00 conversion fee will be charged to the breeder.

For the purpose of the HIL the herd initials used within Hedgie List Pedigree Resource will be the primary herd initials. In the example above where XYHH was formerly XHY, XYH is listed as an a.k.a.

Consistent use of herd initials is critical to the search features of the Hedgie List Pedigree Resource.

Breeder Perks

A few of the breeder benefits include:

  1. You will always have a backup of your pedigrees. Our server and database is backed up on multiple levels.
  2. You can request a .csv file or PDF export of animals associated with your herd initials once per month. This export can be uploaded to many different types of pedigree programs
  3. Members can print pedigrees of animals associated with their herd in the Hedgie List Pedigree Resource at any time
  4. Participating breeders will have a Premium listing in the Herd Initials listing. Breeders that do not wish to participate will be indicated as such so that they are not repeatedly contacted for verification purposes.

Hedgie List

The database used within the Hedgie List Pedigree Resource and Litter Registration (coming soon) program is called Hedgie List. Each animal in the database is assigned a Hedgie List Resource number (HLR). The HLR number is a useful search feature tool.

Levels of Participation

Affiliate Participating Member
Access to one animal at a time associated with herd initials. Full view of all animals associated with herd initials
Search for animals associated with herd initials. HLR number is required. Expanded search features.
Ability to change animal status default to Verified, Unknown, or Conflicted pedigree Ability to change animal status default to Verified, Unknown, or Conflicted pedigree
Update DOB Update DOB, color, sire or dam (if associated with herd initials), add pictures, etc
  Litter Registration (coming soon)
  Premium Listing in Herd Initial List with Search Features
  Logo and Animal Picture on Pedigrees
$5 Per Animal Registration 40 Free Registrations and discounted additional registrations.
25 - $100
50 - $150
100 - $200
200 - $250
  Future option to list animals for sale with “one click”
  Future option to self-register offspring to registered animals.
  Closed Facebook Group for Pedigree Resource Discussion Only
Annual Renewal by Breeder Request Annual Update With Renewal Reminder
  USDA License or Hobby Breeder Indication
$40.00 Annual Fee

Create an Account

There is no charge to create an account.
Create an account following the online instructions and verify your email address. Once this step is completed your account will be activated as an Affiliate or as a Participating Breeder once payment is received.


How to Register an Animal

Step 1

Print hard copies of all the animals you wish to register. Animals are entered in order in which they are received. It does not matter if you send 5, 10, 15, or 100; animals are entered in order in which they are received.

Step 2

Using the following pedigree of RCH Isara BPH as an example.

If RCH submitted this pedigree, RCH would include the information at the top as well as the date of birth (DOB) of the animals related to RCH that are not already verified. This is a fast and simple way to verify additional herd animals without a printed pedigree for additional animals. RCH would use two credits if RCH Phlox is not currently in the system, or RCH uses one credit if RCH Phlox currently has an HLR number. A maximum of three credits will be used or charged per pedigree entered (animal, sire, and dam).

If BPH is submitting this pedigree BPH should submit the original pedigree from RCH in digital format or copy of the original. Only one credit is applied to BPH.

Banner and Alerts

Step 3

Mail hard copies of the pedigrees to:

Critter Connection
909 South Platt Street
Montpelier, OH 43543

Please included the following information:

Herd Name
Herd Initials

Hard copies of submitted pedigrees are kept on file with notes for future reference by administration only.

Again, once your information is received it will be entered into Hedgie List Pedigree Resource in order of which it is received.

Digital Pedigree Option

Email a digital copy of your pedigree to gail@critterconnection.cc. A printed copy of registered animals is kept on file so an additional credit will be applied to print the pedigree.

Database Backup and Bulk Verification

Email a back up copy of your pedigree database to gail@critterconnection.cc Almost all pedigree programs have an export or backup feature. This is important for two reasons.

  1. Information can be quickly and easily verified as pedigrees are entered into the system. This cuts down on guessing of spellings when the font decreases in size. It also allows us to verify other animals in your herd already in the system quickly and easily.
  2. You have an additional back up of your pedigree program in the event of a computer crash or lost data.

*** Again, this information is confidential and is only used for pedigree verification purposes for the submitted herd.


  • PET (Pet – no breeding rights)
  • PST (Pet Store)
  • AUC (Auction)
  • SPB (Small Private Breeder)
  • SPP (Single/Small Private Person)
  • PVT (Private Registration – breeding rights)

For the sake of consistency and flow in pedigree PST, AUC, SPB, and SPP are being replaced with UNK unless a specific person’s name is provided. The origin of animals with the following herd initials is unknown unless a name is provided.

In the example of the pedigree RCH Isara BPH, only PNP can provide the breeder information of UNK Sonic PNP.

Viewing Animals Within Hedgie List Pedigree Resource

Participating breeders will have full view of all animals associated with their herd initials in the prefix or suffix.

Affiliate breeders will need a Hedgie List Resource (HLR) number for the animal associated with the animal associated with their herd initials in the prefix or suffix.

For example: TUV Sonic is out of XYZ Spike TUV and TUV Lulu. Participating Breeder TUV would see all three animals in the herd list. TUV would only be able to see the parents of XYZ Spike TUV via the pedigree of TUV Sonic.

Affiliate Breeder XYZ would need the HLR number of XYZ Spike TUV to view the pedigree.

The online pedigrees are dynamic meaning one can navigate through generations but one must have a starting animal associated with their herd initials. In this example both Participating breeder TUV and Affiliate breeder XYZ would be able to view all prior generations of XYZ Spike TUV. Affiliate breeder XYZ would not be able to see the offspring of XYZ Spike TUV.

Both Affiliate and Participating breeders can review pedigrees as often as they choose because animals within the system are verified and data is added on a regular basis.

The Star System

The Star System is a way or recognizing the level of pedigree verification. An animal will receive a star for each fully verified generation.

The Star System does not indicate the breeding quality, health, or temperament of the animal. Breeders who choose not to participate are simply non-participating and breeders that participate are simply participating. Quality animals come from non-participating breeders and vice-versa. However, the Star System does provide a resource to assist those who place a priority of true and accurate pedigrees as a part of their breeding program practices.

sample pedigree