Hi Laura,

I saw your article this morning (http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/dayton-news/exotic-animal-reforms-are-expected-in-ohio-1297675.html) and want to thank you for including some of my comments as well as those from several of our members.

I have a suggestion to make, which I hope you will want to follow up on. Apparently, the governor's office has indicated they received a very large number of letters and emails from people who want stricter regulations in Ohio. Typically, when an issue like this generates such a large number of letters and emails, a large percentage comes from out-of-state people who are responding to a PETA or HSUS call for action. I'm wondering whether you might want to do a records request in order to determine how many of those letters and emails came from Ohio residents. I believe the answer would be enlightening.

Also, it would be interesting to know the time frame. Our people were intentionally holding off on contacting the governor's office until the task force meetings were over so that we would know exactly what it is we're up against. My guess is, that large number of letters and emails were received within days of the Zanesville incident, whereas the people who oppose the Governor's proposed ban on these animals would have waited until November or December to voice their opinion, after the task force "recommendations" were made known.

Polly Britton

Legislative Agent
Ohio Association of Animal Owners